Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I have not lived in Glassport long, I had a good opportunity to purchase a house and make a life in this little town. I have learned many things about Glassport and its people over the years and unfortunately not much has been good. Yes there are good hard working people here but it is a minority. Too many good-hearted citizens have either moved away or passed away, and we are left with worthless piles of flesh coasting through life.

I started to think that maybe it was me; maybe I have just become too cynical in my old age, but then I discovered Topix Glassport. It is a website that allows people to post comments and really anything they want. Just google Topix Glassport and you will find it. It does not take long to just give up, after reading the posts. If you don’t feel like reading, then I will give you a play by play. Most times a decent person brings up a topic or question, which at first might be answered or commented by a normal person, but then it goes down hill fast. You usually then get some smart ass that decides to just screw with the poster and wants to start a fight. Now that the purpose of the post has been thrown out the window and we are down to just calling each other names, we get the “dumb ass” poster. It is usually a person who just complains about people complaining, which is funny in its self; or a person who decided to tell the decent person that they are a joke for even trying or being a useful member of society. The “dumb ass"goes on a rant about how horrible this town is and picking up trash and doing anything constructive is useless, but then goes on to say something needs to be done.

After just losing all hope from Topix and thinking about how the local government does not have a clue and the people are not much better. I have realized the Mon Valley and Glassport are dead, not because of the loss of mills in the 70’s or the years of miss management by government, but by the out right stupidity of the people who have lived here and decided to allow this to happen. The people of this town continue to just complain and argue why doing jack shit. This town must be the highest concentration of stupid and worthless people in the whole world.