Friday, November 6, 2009

More Election Please!

Wow, I though I would be able to move away from elections and move on to something more fun, like why the hell do we have a borough events sign that you usually see on a used car lot or at a pizza shop. It seems like election talk will not die and you only have to look at the Topix Glassport to see what I mean.

It will be a fun primary season in 2010; we will have the much-loved Democratic Committee up for elections, and some Council seats. The biggest battle might end up being for the Democratic Committee seats, which really concerns me. Much was said in the Topix forum about the committee, but why? Yes I have talked about them in my first two posts on this blog, but I am not concerned about them as I am about the voters! The same people who are on the committee now can be on the committee for the rest of their lives and it would not matter as long as the voters vote with their minds, instead of an endorsement card handed out at the polls. If you are going in to the polls and need some person to hand you a card with some tag line on it to make your decision; I would rather you stay home and not vote.

That is why I am pushing for educated voters, by having more candidates like Mr. Evanovich that are ready to discuss with the public their ideas and positions. We need campaigning, forums, debates, and the Daily News to do its job. I promise right now to do my part by reaching out in May to candidates running for council and give my readers fair and non-partisan info. One thing in May that I will not care about, is the Democratic Committee. We are not slaves to the parties we are aligned with. Dem's voted in Mr. Evanovich with out any endorsement in both May in November. They do not matter people, we have the power to override them each and every time we go to the polls. Don't waste your time demanding a new committee, demand candidates that are open and ready to face the voters and speak their mind.

Our town needs major life support and that support is not going to be provided by our local, county, state, or federal governments. There is no bail out for Glassport; there is only hard work and each and every one of us doing our part to make it happen. It can be as simple as picking up trash around your house, supporting local business, volunteering with local groups, or even going to borough meetings. Having an open Mayor like Mr. Evanovich or voting in a new council is not going to solve our problems. Our borough's budget has no extra money and even if we cut out some fat, we still are not looking at enough money to really make a difference. We all need to pull together and get to work as well as face the fact that some major changes are needed.

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