Sunday, November 29, 2009

Welcome To Trashport.

So you are probably thinking that this will be a rant on how much trash is in and around Glassport and how we need to pull together to clean up our town, well it is not. I do agree that we have too much trash thrown everywhere, and that we need to all do our part to clean it up. There are two great Glassporters who have started the "Keep Glassport Clean" program; which is them walking the main street picking up trash. These are great-dedicated people, and I am horrible because I forget their names.

What I really want to talk about it are the people of Glassport. The old days of Glassport where we had hard working, stable, responsible middle class families are gone. There are still decent people in Glassport but unfortunately, like some WWII beach invasion, we are getting Trashporters! These are people who just don't care, they will let their homes fall apart, allow their kids to throw trash, and are more interested in complaining about how the government is not providing for them, then helping themselves. These people are trash and are worthless members of society.

Glassport could be handed a Christmas present like a huge new plant in town; which would increase our tax base and allow us to reopen the pool, redo all the parks and playgrounds, help build new baseball and football fields, and create a new community center and borough offices. Unfortunately all of it would look good for six months, maybe a year. The Trashporters and their offspring’s would just end up trashing it while they complain how this town sucks. We are in a war, a war that we need to win.

The blue-collar families of the 50's 60's and 70's, have now become the college educated families of today. We need these families to purchase run down houses for cheap, and then fix them up. By attracting these young couples and families, we will push the trash right out of Glassport as housing and rental prices increase. It sounds harsh and rude, but it is what it is. These worthless Trashporters are taking over our town; destroying our community and I have no hard feels with throwing them out on their butts. These people don't want to be respectful or responsible, they don't show us respect by trashing our town, so why should we show them any?

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