Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Idiots Please Leave!

I have solved all of our problems in Glassport. We just need to deport all the idiots to another town. Wait that might not work, considering the whole town is full of idiots. If you are wondering what I am talking about, just start reading comments on Topix Glassport. You can google it.

It does not take long to figure out that many people in this town love to belch out tons of hot air about how we need to do this or do that, and how this sucks and that sucks, but the second you suggest these people to join a volunteer group or support local groups through a fundraiser, they come back at you with the argument of, what's the point. I even had one person post that doing clean ups and park and rec activities are "feel good" events that last about an hour or two. They argue that until jobs come into this town or people move here to increase our tax base, anything else is just a waste of time.

Listen up all ye idiots! Why would any decent middle class family want to move into a town littered with trash, with rusted out parks, over grown public spaces, and no community activities or recreation? NO ONE! The only people who move into a town like that are trashy, slumlords, and criminals.

So yes if you want this town to continue to go down hill and really become hell on earth, continue to do nothing as you continue to complain. Oh and if one more person says we need jobs and new industry I am going to scream. We do not live in the 50's anymore! People do not Live, Work, Shop, and Play in the same town. You could put in a huge plant with tons of good jobs and people will commute from Washington Co, South Hills, or anywhere else that is nice to live. Clairton has had the coke works for decades and that has not saved that town.

The best thing Glassport can do is turn into a bedroom community for Pittsburgh, it will take a lot of work and some luck, like getting 43 finished to Pittsburgh, but it can happen. We need to take the dump and build new homes, we need to destroy the left over factories and build condos and a waterfront. We need unique stores to come in and take over our vacant store fronts, not more places that serve pizza and pasta.

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  1. Build new homes up the dump, and waterfront condos? You need to wake from the dream your having and face reality. This town is and will continue to be a shithole! And there isn't a single thing you or anyone else can do to prevent that from happening. And what exactly do you expect these "complaining" people to do to change anything? Maybe they will run the slumlords, section 8,drug addicts, and various other scum out of town with some good old fashioned vigilante justice! You said it right buddy, we don't live in the 50's any more. WAKE up, this town is dead. It's not ever goina be what you see in this wet dream your having. But, I wish you the best of luck and hope for your sake that your alarm goes off any day now!